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Department of Oncology and Radiation Therapy with a course of Postgraduate Education

Department of Oncology and Radiation Therapy with a course of Postgraduate Education


Department of Oncology and Radiation Therapy with a course of postgraduate education is part of Medical Faculty in Professor V.F. Voino-Yasenetsky Krasnoyarsk State Medical University of Ministry of Healthcare of Russia. The main teaching staff is represented by 2 professors, 4 associate professors and an assistant. Moreover, there are more than 10 external part-time employees who are the heads of departments at Krasnoyarsk Regional Clinical Oncology Center and practical healthcare leaders. The variable assistant’s staff at the department comprises leading employees of outpatient and inpatient services of the main clinical base of Krasnoyarsk Regional Clinical Oncology Center named after A.I. Kryzhanovsky of “Oncology” and “Radiotherapy” specialties, as well as Center for Nuclear Medicine (FSBI FSKNC FMBA of Russia) - of “Radiology” and “Radiotherapy” specialties.


The students are trained in the following disciplines:

“Oncology, radiotherapy”, “Palliative care”, “Prevention of malignant neoplasms” of 31.05.01 General Medicine specialty at Medical Faculty;

  • “Oncology, radiotherapy” and “Prevention of malignant neoplasms” of 31.05.02 Pediatrics specialty at Pediatric Faculty;
  • “Radiation diagnostics and radiotherapy” (module “radiotherapy”) of 30.05.03 Medical cybernetics specialty at Faculty of Medicine, Psychology and Pharmacy.

Clinical residents (postgraduate education) are prepared for the following specialties:

  • 31.08.57 Oncology
  • 31.08.08 Radiology

Postgraduate training is carried out in such areas as:

14.01.12 Oncology (area of training - 31.06.01 Clinical medicine)

Training of students at PE Institute (postgraduate education) is carried out remotely in accordance with -

1) additional postgraduate program “Actual issues of diagnosis and treatment of precancerous diseases and malignant neoplasms (144 hours), consisting of 4 modules, 36 hours each:

  • Malignant mammary gland and skin neoplasms (1 module)
  • Malignant head and neck neoplasms (2 module)
  • Prostate Cancer (3 module)
  • Clinical and pathological aspects of precancerous diseases and benign mammary gland neoplasms (4 module)

2) additional postgraduate program “Oncological alertness and early cancer diagnosis (36 hours), represented by main external malignant neoplasms localizations:

  • Dyshormonal diseases and mammary gland cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Skin cancer, melanoma
  • Cervical cancer

Educational activity with postgraduates is carried out at full-time training, including travelling courses within Krasnoyarsk Territory, Republic of Khakassia and Tuva:

  • “Oncology”, 576 hours
  • “Modern methods for cancer diagnosis and its treatment”, 144 hours
  • “Principles of early cancer diagnosis”, 144 hours

The main directions of scientific and educational activities

Educational activities

The department carries out academic (conducting practical and seminar classes, lecturing), methodical (creating methodological recommendations for practical healthcare along with teaching aids in specialized disciplines), research (publishing scientific articles in journals of Higher Attestation Commission list, Scopus and Web of Science databases, writing monographs based on the results of thesis and scientific research), medical (general consultations and consultations among doctors on oncological patients; surgical treatment, radiation and drug therapy of malignant neoplasms), organizational (clinical rounds in departments, planning sessions, participation in certification and accreditation of oncologists, radiologists and radiotherapists), educational work, as well as training scientific and pedagogical staff and advanced training (clinical residents, postgraduate students, students of PE).

Scientific activity

Scientific activity is carried out as a part of comprehensive scientific topic No. AAAA-A19119022690007-5 “Epidemiological, medical and social aspects of malignant neoplasms in Krasnoyarsk Territory. Personalization of approaches to diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prediction of oncological diseases course”. Clinical material is collected, candidate and doctoral theses are prepared, candidates for degrees and applicants are trained for approbation and defense on the basis of Krasnoyarsk Regional Clinical Oncology Center.

The department employees are actively involved in more than 20 clinical trials which are carried out in Krasnoyarsk Regional Clinical Oncology Center by Russian and foreign sponsors.

International cooperation

Together with Laboratory of Biomolecular and Medical Technologies of Krasnoyarsk State Medical University, development of diagnostic test systems and cancer therapy based on single-stranded DNA oligonucleotides is underway. The obtained aptamers to human lung cancer tissue that allow identification of cells and human tumors decay products in clinical samples. Aptamers suitable for mammary gland cancer diagnosis are selected. The work is carried out in the laboratory to determine biomarkers of human lung cancer. The work on biomarkers of mammary gland cancer identification is planned. Approaches for targeted therapy with the help of aptamer-based drug constructions are being developed.

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