Центр международных программ
Department- Center for Simulation Technologies. Rules for Students.

Federal State Budget-funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Prof. V.F. Voino-Yasenetsky Krasnoyarsk State Medical University" of the Russian Health Ministry

Department – Center for Simulation Technologies


For successful development of practical skills, the STUDENTS MUST:

  1. Know the theoretical aspects of the lesson (rules of asepsis and antiseptics, indications, contraindications to manipulation, algorithm, as well as anatomical and physiological features and pharmacological support for their implementation)
  2. Arrive at the place of classes strictly in accordance with the schedule 10 minutes before the start of classes
  3. Have available: a medical gown, a cap, a change of shoes(shoe covers), disposable gloves, a badge and a stethoscope
  4. Pass the procedure of PEDAGOGICAL CONTROL of the readiness for the class. In case of insufficient level of preparedness use available methods of its correction.
  5. Wash their hands with soap and water before working! Follow the rules of personal hygiene (including neat makeup, manicure and hairstyle)
  6. Comply with the order, cleanliness and neatness while working.

Leave the study room only with the permission of the teacher (instructor)

  2. Perform manipulations and professional actions on simulators in accordance with their algorithms.

Violation of the procedure can knock the simulator out of service, and in real life, incorrect manipulation can cause pain and / or injury to the patient

  1. Do not try to fix equipment malfunctions themselves
  2. After completing the manipulation and / or completing the scenario, bring the workplace in a state convenient for the work of the other students
  3. Be responsible for the safety and effective use of the training equipment entrusted to him
  4. NOT taste any reagents and consumables, drink and eat at the Department
  5. Mind that most expendable disposable materials are used repeatedly for educational purposes, to simulate compliance with the rules of asepsis and antiseptics
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