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Student Council

Student Council

The Student Council of KrasSMU was established in 2007, uniting active students of all specialties and faculties. Activity of the Council is aimed at developing student self-government, improving educational and methodological process. Council members take part in the implementation of scientific and youth projects, organization and running of mass cultural and sports events, career guidance among schoolchildren and students. This is the largest organization of the university: the structure of the Student Council consists of student councils of faculties, including more than 460 active members.

One of the priority orientations is the voluntary movement. Initially, these were measures to promote a healthy lifestyle, anti-smoking campaigns and “Anti-AIDS”.

Since 2010, more active development of social volunteering has begun: work with orphanages, vulnerable social groups.

In 2013, medical volunteering events started. The first experience was “the Hospital Clowning” project, the working group of which consisted of five university students.

In 2014, a “School of Medical Volunteering” was organized in cooperation with the youth government of the Krasnoyarsk territory.

The project in the field of inclusive volunteering “Sports Festival for Children with Disabilities “Live with Fire” received support.

The voluntary movement of the Krasnoyarsk State Medical University actively cooperate with the Ministry of Health of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Center for Medical Prevention of Krasnoyarsk, the Krasnoyarsk Regional Blood Center No. 1, and the volunteer center “Good Deed”.

In 2016, a commission on the quality of education was established as a priority area of the Student Council. The commission directs its efforts:

- to assist in solving the problems of training qualified specialists;

- to exercise the rights of students for participation in the management of the educational process;

- to handle problems of social and living conditions of student youth;

- to support social initiatives and create conditions for personal and professional development.

Sports activities in the Student Council are implemented through the sports student club "Medic" . The work is aimed at formation of healthy lifestyle, promoting mass physical culture and amateur sports among students. Active members of the Student Council of KrasSMU managed to win a grant from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs in the competition for the development of student sports clubs “Student Initiative”.

In 2013 KrasSMU signed a cooperation agreement with the bid campaign of the Universiade-2019 in order to promote the World Student Sports Games in Krasnoyarsk. In 2017, representatives of the Universiade-2019 headquarters joined the Student Council of KrasSMU. The headquarters has a common base of volunteers in conjunction with the voluntary movement of the Student Council of Krasnoyarsk State Medical University.

During the academic year, the Council performs dynamic activities on the organization of Olympiads and contests, besides active members help freshmen adapt within the University.

In 2018 the Student Council of KrasSMU opened new directions such as: Project “Mentor”, Project “Mentor Plus”, Project “Language Courses” in the subdivision “Commission on the Quality of Education”. Several areas started in the work of the “Voluntary Movement” unit: “Anti-Narcotics”, “Medical Volunteer Headquarters”.

In 2019, in the Student Council of the KrasSMU there are 5 sections in the sports student club “Medic”, among them: Volleyball, Basketball, Yoga, Fitness, Football.

A new subdivision in the Student Council is opened under the name - "IFMSA KrasSMU" to facilitate medical students mobility. Our members prepare documents, choose a country from the list of suggested ones and go to gain experience in another country, in another Medical University.

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