Центр международных программ
Department of Physical Education and Sports

Department of Physical Education and Sports


1, Partizan Zheleznyak Street, 660022 Krasnoyarsk, Russia


+7 (391) 220 18 89



Office hours:


Head of the Department – Cand. Sc. (PhD) Ekaterina M. Kadomtseva

The Department of Physical Education and Sports provides the educational process for the physical education of University students in accordance with the work program for the disciplines (modules) "Physical Education and Sports" and "Elective Disciplines in Physical Education and Sports"

The competencies of the Department are the formation of the physical culture of students and the ability to realize it in social, professional, sports, and recreational activities.

The aim of the Department is to modernize educational and training processes through the search for new forms, methods and methodological approaches to teach Physical Education and Sports.

The main areas of scientific activity of the Department are the development of innovative pedagogical technologies, which include the most affordable, effective, and safe practices in the field of sports training, health conservation, comprehensive development and personal improvement.

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