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Education Research Center “Pulmonology”

Education Research Center “Pulmonology” was established in October 2009 to improve the efficiency of fundamental and clinical research, to modernize the training system for scientific and pedagogical personnel, and to develop the research infrastructure at Krasnoyarsk State Medical University.

The center develops new programs and methods combining fundamental scientific research and the educational process; it provides the educational process with methodical materials and develops international cooperation.

The head of the center is Irina V. Demko .She is the leading specialist in the field of pulmonology and allergology, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor.

Members of the center:

Doctor of Medical Science, Professor E. A. Sobko

Doctor of Medical Science, Associate Professor I. A. Solovyova

Candidate of Medical Science (PhD), Associate Professor A. Yu. Kraposhina

Candidate of Medical Science (PhD), Associate Professor N. V. Gordeeva

Candidate of Medical Science (PhD), Associate Professor S. V. Chubarova

Candidate of Medical Science (PhD), Associate Professor O. P. Ishchenko

Candidate of Medical Science (PhD), assistant M. G. Mamayeva

assistant S. A. Egorov

assistant T. V. Sumtsova

pulmonologist N. S. Petrova

pulmonologist A. A. Novikova

The center's staff took part in organizing more than 120 scientific and educational events; more than 350 reports were prepared at the national, international, regional, inter-district and local levels.

The center takes part in different grants competitions to obtain financial support for its scientific projects.

The main directions of work include:

 training of specialists in the field of pulmonology with qualifications corresponding to the current level of world science;

 study of epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, principles of diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the field of pulmonology;

 tobacco control in the Krasnoyarsk territory;

 development and implementation of new diagnostic methods based on the use of modern biomarkers of diseases and promising methods of functional and radiological research;

 formation of a healthy lifestyle and comprehensive prevention of noncommunicable diseases in the Krasnoyarsk territory;

 creation of algorithms, standards, protocols for management and personalized treatment of patients with various allergic and respiratory diseases;

 development of various prevention programs, including vaccination;

 reduction of mortality from respiratory diseases, reduction of temporary and permanent disability, increased life expectancy and quality of life.

Under the guidance of Center specialists, students and residents have repeatedly participated and won competitions for young scientists. Employees prepared poster presentations at annual international congresses.

Author's certificates for 5 patents of the Russian Federation were obtained, 2 doctoral and 11 candidate (PhD) theses were defended, 5 candidate (PhD) and 3 doctoral theses are in process. Over the past five years, the members of the Center have taken part in several international congresses: ERS (Netherlands -2011, 2015, Germany – 2014, Spain – 2013, London – 2016, Milan – 2017, Paris – 2018, Madrid - 2019), EAACI Vienna – 2016, Helsinki - 2017, Munich - 2018).

Kraposhina A. Yu. made a report at Kanazawa University Symposium 2019 "Organization of medical care for patients with respiratory diseases in Krasnodar Region" (Kanazawa, Japan).

Solovyova I. A. made a report in the framework of Think Tank in Pulmonology-Asthma & COPD, Vienna, 2019.

Sho Shimazu, a post-graduate student of the Department of Respiratory Medicine and Infectious Diseases of Niigata University (Japan), completed a short-term internship at the KrasSMU Department of Internal diseases and Immunology with a postgraduate course and at Krasnoyarsk Territorial Hospital in February, 2019.

Complex research topics of the Center are:

- “Epidemiology of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and bronchial asthma (BA) in the Krasnoyarsk territory. Features of clinical and functional, morphological and molecular markers of inflammation formation, determination of sensitivity to glucocorticosteroids in patients with BA, COPD and a combination of COPD and BA” (2009 - 2015);

- "Epidemiology of COPD, BA, ILD and pneumonia in the Krasnoyarsk territory. Features of clinical and functional, morphological and molecular markers of inflammation. Pharmaco-economic aspects" (2016-2026).

The members of the Center have personal commemorative awards:

Kraposhina A. became the winner of the award of mayor for young talents in 2011; Chubarov, S. V. had a scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation in 2011; Kaptuk L. I. was awarded the prize of the Head of the Soviet district of Krasnoyarsk in 2011; Kraposhina A. Yu. became a laureate of the state prize of the Krasnoyarsk Krai in 2012; Solovyova I. A. became a laureate of the state prize of the Krasnoyarsk Krai in 2014; Prof. Demko I. V. was awarded the prize of the mayor of Krasnoyarsk in 2015 and got a certificate of honor of the legislative Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk territory in 2015 and a honorary title "Honored doctor of the Russian Federation" in 2015.

In 2019 the Center obtained the status of the Scientific school "Fundamental and practical problems of respiratory medicine, allergology and clinical immunology".

The clinical base of the center and of the scientific school is the pulmonary-allergological center of the Regional Clinical Hospital.

Now the school consists of more than 20 scientists, and students and postgraduates are actively involved in research activities. The work of the scientific school team is focused on the study of epidemiology, pharmaco-economic aspects, features of clinical and functional, morphological and molecular markers of inflammation of respiratory diseases, allergo-and immunopathological conditions.

The Center has developed intensive care algorithms that include medication and non-medication treatments, which significantly reduced the patient's stay in the hospital. Lethality in the Center remains within 2.5-3.0-3.5% for a number of years, although most of the cases are severe, and the number of emergency patients reaches 50.3%.

In collaboration with different partners the Center has developed clinical standards for providing specialized medical care and routing the population for pneumonia depending on the severity of the course, diagnostic algorithms, protocols for providing medical care, procedures for providing emergency care for pneumonia, algorithms for managing patients with BA in the hospital and on the outpatient stage.

The structure of the scientific school and of the "Pulmonology" center is constantly being improved. The introduction and implementation of new modern high-tech techniques allowed the Center to be equipped with modern equipment, to bring to new level diagnostic and therapeutic measures for respiratory diseases.

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