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Education Research Center “Morphology and Physiology of a Healthy Person”

Education Research Center “Morphology and Physiology of a Healthy Person” was established in 2011 at Krasnoyarsk State Medical University as an important element of the university innovative structure through the integration of the scientific and pedagogical potential of the University departments in order to train high-qualified specialists in the field of morphology.

The Center is designed to conduct fundamental and applied research, commercialize the research results, develop new programs and methods to integrate fundamental research and the educational process. Scientific projects developed by the Center staff are also aimed to support the educational process, its innovative orientation, the introduction of innovative technologies, including distance learning, conferences, youth schools, and the development of international cooperation.

The structure of the Center includes morphological departments as well as biophysical research methods, biomedical microscopy, and morphometry laboratories. From 2011 to 2019, 8 doctoral and 13 candidate (PhD) theses were defended at the Center.

Employees of the Center are engaged in solving an urgent problem - the study of the laws of variability of the somatoneuropsychophysiological status of the population of Krasnoyarsk and Eastern Siberia with the subsequent development of prognostic criteria for assessing the health status of future generations. The work is carried out in the following areas:

  1. Development of new technologies to assess the health status of the population based on methods for studying the somatoneuropsychophysiological status of a person;
  2. The structure and features of bone tissue;
  3. Constitutionally determined morphological, biochemical markers of adipose tissue and their role in the development of socially significant diseases;
  4. Development of biotechnological nanotechnology for the creation of new medical technologies for the treatment of socially significant diseases;
  5. Morphological study of experimental and clinical material;
  6. Paleoanthropological studies.

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