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Youth Union

Youth Union

“Youth Union” is a public organization of Prof. V.F. Voino-Yasenetsky Krasnoyarsk State Medical University, which began its activities in 2005.

Ten university activists united in order to teach others the art of leadership. Since then up to the present day this area has become a priority for the organization.

Over the years, the Union has significantly expanded its activities. The number of participants increased, a clear structure appeared. Today “Youth Union” has 45 members and 4 sub-divisions. There are:

  1. Informative division is the largest one. It includes photographers, journalists and videographers, covering both university and city events in media.
  2. The purpose of organizational division is to prepare events: from budgeting to purchasing.
  3. Analytical division is responsible for the development of questionnaires, data collection and statistical analysis of various University events. The department reveals the degree of students' interest in a particular project.
  4. The function of the Project division is to create university and public projects, to provide support in action plans development for different University students’ associations.

The main projects of “Youth Union” are the following: The student activist group school “Leader”, students’ acknowledgment award “Golden Cheat Note”, “Rectorial Get-togethers”, and “Alma Mater Secrets” quest.

The student activist group school “Leader” is the event for which the Union was created.

Twice a year leader doctors, managers, scientists are invited in order to show the example of how to achieve success. The most active participants of the school are invited to the so-called “outgoing” part, which runs from Friday to Sunday. In addition to lectures the students attend practical classes these days, where they should apply the acquired knowledge.

The second event is students’ acknowledgment award “Golden Cheat Note”. This is an opportunity for students to express their gratitude to the teachers whom they consider worthy. The ceremony is held annually, on New Year’s Eve. The questionnaire method identifies winners in various nominations, such as, “Strictness and Justice” or “Kind Eyes”.

“Rectorial Get-togethers” is an event when the students can talk with the Rector, share their problems and discuss the solution. Each gathering has its own theme, but any exciting and even tricky question can be asked.

“Alma Mater Secrets” quest takes place at the beginning of the academic year. It is mainly for freshmen. The students become acquainted to each other and have fun. They learn some important information about the university: the location of the Dean’s office, where to turn for information, whom to approach regarding extracurricular activities.

Apart from organizing university events, Youth Union takes an active part in organizing regional, all-Russian and even international projects, such as the Festival of Youth Science at Krasnoyarsk State Medical University, the Art Festival of medical students and medical workers, Student Spring Festival, the Sports Festival among students of medical and pharmaceutical universities and many others.

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