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Online Russian Language Course & International Exam for free!

As you know, from October 30 to November 7, all Russian organizations have holidays due to the difficult COVID situation in our country. Russian Minister of Health recommended to stay at home these days to prevent the spread of this dangerous disease.

Some people prefer watching series during the lockdown, but we have a great idea about the way you can spend your time.

You can improve your Russian language!

Online courses for Russian language learners with different language levels

  • Audiocourse "Holidays FM" (A2+) - for those who want to improve listening skills
  • Regional studies "I want to visit Siberia!" (B1) - for those who want to know more about Russia and Siberia
  • Exam preparation course for TORFL1/В1 (A2-B1) - for those who plan to pass TORFL exam

And good news - you can take MORE THAN ONE COURSE!

Lessons start from November 1Each course has approximately 9 lessons (Zoom)

Another good news! After completing one of (or several) courses, you can try to pass the exam and get a certificate ABSOLUTELY FREE. Usually this exam costs several thousand rubles.

  • TEL (A1)
  • TBL (A2)
  • TORFL-I (B1)

If you receive the certificate confirming your Russian language knowledge, you can show it to your Russian language teacher and get some bonuses in this university subject.

Are you in?

Great, then we move to the most important question.


1. Register on the website https://sibedu.ru/en until 27.10

2. Contact Оксана Александровна Гаврилюк on the website and write a message "Здравствуйте! Я хочу учиться на онлайн-курсе по русскому языку" until 27.10

Good luck!

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