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WHAT IS IT?The Olympiad is a series of contests designed to test the English language skills of medical and pharmaceutical university students around the world. The Olympiad has two formats: an individual contest and a team contest. Entry is free

WHY ENTER?The Olympiad brings students together from around the world to compete, learn and share ideas using English, the lingua franca of global healthcare

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE?Non-native speakers majoring in medical or pharmaceuticals specialties:

  • undergraduates
  • postgraduates
  • residents

JUDGES:International native speakers specialising in Medical English

Russian English-speaking experts in Medical English

INFORMATION LETTERhttps://edu.usma.ru/course/view.php?id=581 (or see attached)int.medenglish@mail.ru


INDIVIDUALS- 1st and 2nd year undergraduate students- Registration (01.11 - 30.11.2021)https://edu.usma.ru/course/view.php?id=581- Qualifying round (04.12.2021) Grammar and vocabulary test- Round 1 (11.12.2021) Listening and reading tests- Round 2 (16.12.21 - 15.01.22) Video presentations - make an outstanding presentation on the topic of up to 3 minutes- FINAL (April, 2022)Work in international teams to create and deliver a live presentation in front of international judges and other participants

TEAMS up to 6 members headed by a capitan *

  • undergraduates
  • postgraduates
  • residents

- Registration (01.11 - 30.11.2021) https://edu.usma.ru/course/view.php?id=581

- Contest (01.12.21-15.01.22) UNIVERSITY PROMOTIONAL VIDEOSubmit video presentations of up to 5 minutes

- Contest winner announcement (15.02.2022)

- FINAL (April, 2022) Captains of the winning teams will be invited to join the individual finalists for the Final

For any help with registration and participation: Ekaterina Yurievna e.yu.andryushkina@gmail.com (WhatsApp, +79235702585)

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