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Guidelines for submiting the video for the second round of the INDIVIDUAL CONTEST of the Olympiad

1.The length of the video should be 1.5 - 3 minutes.
2.The video format should be one of the following: AVI, mp4, FLV.
3.The size of the video file should be up to 300 Mb.
4.There are no restrictions concerning the use of video and audio special effects and the composition of the film.
5. Attention! No cuts or voiceover are allowed. The video must be recorded in one take.
6.The participant must be seen in the video speaking on the topic.
7. The record should be made in a well-lit place, so the speaker's face is in focus and easily recognizable.
8. Participants are not allowed to read the text both from the paper and the screen, though they can use a web-cam to record the video.
9. The following penalties are applied concerning the video quality:
- the video is filmed in several shots — minus 2 points
- the face and eyes of a participant are not well seen — minus 2 points
- a participant is reading the text — minus 2 points
- the video is shorter than 1.5 min or longer than 3 min — minus 1 point

Choose ONE of the ways to submit the video to the organizing committee:
1.Send the video to: int.medenglish@mail.ru. If it is not possible due to mail server restrictions, please, choose the second option.
2.Use any file storage service (preferably Google Drive) to download their video, and then share this file (video) with the organizing committee by providing a link or an access to this file (video) to int.medenglish@mail.ru.

Please, watch the tutorial on how to create a Google account if you do not have one to share files via Google Drive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Sv9ocaRXB8

Please, watch the tutorial on how to use Google Drive to share files if you need any help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Itn3WIhQ6NQ